08 January 2010

Cleaning and Decluttering Leads

So I've been in the process of trying to clean and de-clutter my townhouse - and since this is the place that I've lived in the longest since childhood, there is a TON to go through. We forget what we put into a box or a corner of the basement - but are there true treasures down there?

In demand generation, there are nuggets of gold to be found in those "cobwebby" leads. The challenge though is to figure out a way to re-invigorate them.

If you met someone at a tradeshow, got their card, put their info into your CRM - and then bupkus.....how do you re-engage?

  • Verify if their contact information is still correct. (I know, simple - but something totally overlooked by most folks.)
  • Remind them how they met you the first time. (a la the BIG tradeshow)
  • Determine if they had a specific interest at the time of the initial meeting. (were they interested in records management, digital asset management)
  • Dangle something new to them about their interest - even if it is not new to the org. Most companies have a ton of white papers and product sheets that have not been shared with prospects.
  • Offer a chance for participation - a community board, a client only site, voting on some poll - something that will get them engaged. Wouldn't you want to offer your opinion if asked?
  • Personalized follow-up regardless of participation - again, if someone asked your opinion (regardless if you gave it), if someone called you about, would you not take that phone call?
  • One to two months later, re-engage the lead for lead purposes. Since you've already established contact for no other purpose than to "check-in" - folks won't feel they are being "sold".

If you lose sight of your leads in the back of the basement (like my cleaning efforts), perhaps you need a better system to track them. Depending on your comfort level, you need a decent CRM (a la salesforce.com), perhaps a marketing automation system (like Eloqoua.com), an analytics system (like Webtrends or Google), and some business development folks who are willing to make calls that won't necessarily end up in a sale every single time.

The KISS Question is: "What is your mix of follow-up for dormant leads?"

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