05 January 2010

The Big Bang Lead

I'm a big fan of the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" - and the recent episode had the socially awkward scientist Sheldon asking why his current friends like him and he requested that Penny fill out a 200+ questionnaire.....and Penny asks him:

"Sheldon, honey, did you ever consider making friends by being, I don't know, pleasant?"

In lead development, there are a variety of communication channels: email, websites, phone calls and voicemails, twitters, virtual and real tradeshows, webinars....the list goes on and on.

How friendly are your communications to your leads?

We've all received voicemails and phone calls from demand generation folks that seem heck-bent on following their scripts - but do they exchange pleasantries? Rarely. On webinars, do you inject humor or heaven-forbid, make it seem human to your audiences? At tradeshows, are you more concerned about getting as many business cards or do you actually give quality time to those that you are talking to? Are your emails missing a simple salutation - or worse, the wrong name (bad CRM, bad CRM!!)?

The KISS Question is "have you evaluated how friendly your lead communications are?"

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